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G’Vine Release New Divine Nouaison Gin

G’Vine gin has a new ultra-chic sister, Nouaison.

From the French word meaning ‘setting’, the complex and spicy profile of this spirit is designed to evoke the stage of development from an aromatic vine flower to a juicy grape berry.

Grapes are combined with 14 carefully selected botanicals to create a gin with aromas are of sandalwood, bergamot, prune and vetiveria. The spirit is final distilled in small batches in a discontinuous 25HL pot still shaped in the traditional Charente style. The resulting expression is fragrant and intense, yet smooth and rounded, making ideal to use in classic gin cocktails.

To celebrate the release, events were held in Singapore, London and Paris. Nouaison by G’Vine’s launch party in Singapore was celebrated at ATLAS Bar, number 15 in this year’s World Best Bars list and Bar of the Year (Asia). Head bartender Roman Foltan crafted a bespoke cocktail to mark the occasion, using vermouth, brandy, bénédictine, cardamom bitters and, of course, the elegant Nouaison by G’Vine.

Check out Roman’s unique Nouaison by G’Vine cocktail below!

La Corbusier
Created by Roman Foltan

40ml Nouaison gin by G’Vine
20ml La Quintinye Vermouth Royal Rouge
15ml Cherry brandy
5ml DOM Bénédictine
2 x Dashes cardamom bitters

Method: Stirred, served straight up with grapefruit zest/discarded