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Chivas and Designer Andrew Simpson Release Beautiful Bespoke Whisky Tumblers

It’s only natural that a premium, handcrafted whisky should be served in a glass that was created with the same precision, patience and skill.

Chivas Regal has acknowledged this through their collaboration with Andrew Simpson, renowned industrial designer from Vet Design. Together they have created a bespoke whisky tumbler that enhances and venerates the 85 distinct flavour notes found in the award-winning Chivas 18-Year-Old Scotch Whisky.

The glass design was inspired by Venetian coloured glassware, and is expertly crafted to best exhibit the premium whisky. The tumbler base is clear and pineapple textured, an allusion to British crystal. This allows the drinker to fully appreciate the deep colour of the liquid. Both the bowl and lip are bright, cobalt blue, a colour synonymous with Chivas 18-Year-Old.

“The Venetian design is incredibly craft-based which allowed us to use certain techniques and textures that highlight the luxury and quality of Chivas 18. It’s a generous and beautiful way to shape and add colour to the glass,” says Simpson. “Glassware is a study of light, geometry, and the stability of material. Through this, we can create something that is not only beautiful but functional.”

A unique element is the flame polished glass cover, which traps in the aromas of the whisky until the discerning drinker is ready for the full taste experience.

“The moment of taste was our focus. Putting the glass to the lips is an intimate process. You can tell a lot about the quality of glass by how it feels against your lip.”

The tumblers can be experienced at a number of Australia’s leading bars from November onwards. The full list of bars is included below.

Bel & Brio
Shirt Bar
Marble Bar

The Whiskey Boutique (Ms Collins)
Garden State Hotel
The Bank on Collins

Blackbird Bar
Stamford Plaza’s, The Pav Bar