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Here’s Looking At You, Kid – Melbourne’s Newest Distillery

In the Melbourne distillery scene, there’s a new kid on the block. Recently launched in Moorabbin, about 20 minutes outside the CBD is Here’s Looking At You, Kid a boutique distillery focusing on producing high-quality Australian spirits.

With three core spirits in the range including Wild Rose Gin, Triple Distilled Vodka, and Barrel Age Vodka each are small batch produced from the family-run distillery.

The mastermind behind the brand is Liz Beech, a chef by trade who also runs a successful catering service, Liz’s passion for distilling spirits started on a family trip.

“I was in Scotland about two years ago with my daughter Eloise, and she booked me into a masterclass to make gin,” she said.

“I went to this masterclass, and I fell in love with the idea of making gin.”

Liz’s passion for the industry continued to grow and packed up her bags and headed to the capital of bourbon country Kentucky, where she went to see the inner workings at the Jim Beam distillery, among others and graduated from Moonshine University.

Liz’s idea and passion for the industry come to fruition and has dedicated her time to perfecting the recipes for the product range, especially the Wild Rose Gin.

The Wild Rose Gin hero’s some of the best Australian botanicals, including lemon myrtle, sweet orange, strawberry gum, cassia bark, round up the usual suspects.

As for the Triple and Barrel-Aged Vodka, how they are aged have their own history. Aged in barrels that originally housed Kentucky bourbon and Tasmania whisky, the final product shows off their rich history.

One of the hardest workers at the distillery is Eliza Jane. She is a stunning copper pot still, hailing all the way from the Kentucky and is compact, striking and produces some top quality liquid.

For more details on the distillery head to www.hereslookingatyoukid.com.au  

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