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Chin Chin Breaking Ground with Sydney’s First All-Female Wine Team

The long awaited Sydney branch of renowned Thai restaurant Chin Chin has brought together the city’s first all-girl wine team. The group, led by Head Sommelier Jacqueline Turner, Assistant Manager of Wine and Beverage Lilly Polanco and Sommelier Lauren Norman, have made NSW wines their focus. Their 130-strong wine selection features five wines on tap, including Brokenwood, Yabby Lake and Jim Barry, all chosen for quality and their suitability for Asian cuisine.

Joining the ladies behind the bar is T25 bartender Michael Chiem, who has crafted a cocktail list full of fresh and zesty concoctions, such as the coriander, chipotle, watermelon jam and Herradura Blanco ‘Hey Zeus’ and the lime, spicy green curry paste and Plantation 3 Stars Rum ‘Green Curry Mary’.  

Customers can indulge in these drinks either at the restaurant or at GoGo, the venue’s 100-seat bar which is home to around 450 spirits.

There is also a stellar beer list, which includes the The Lucas Group’s own Shiki Lager, and a few collaboration beers with local brewers Manly’s 4 Pines. Spice fans be sure to try the Pines Kellar Door Chin Chilli Lager, a spicy and refreshing American-style pale ale, with a definite lasting heat from the late addition of chillies.

Chin Chin Sydney opened this month to great acclaim, with the eastern branch of the restaurant delivering the same signature fresh, spicy and exotic cuisine that has made the Melbourne original celebrated nationwide.