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Nils Boese Tour of Australia Wraps Up

The rockstar-esque Australian tour of German bar legend and Jägermeister Global Brand Ambassador, Nils Boese has wrapped up. The owner of Manhattan Bar in Germany’s Hildesheim, outside of Hanover, was recently in the country to host a series of trade events and bartender seminars with Jägermeister.

Nils Boese at Frankie’s in Sydney. Photo: Ryan Stuart

Kicking off with an intimate food and drink pairing in Sydney at Mjølner, a welcome party followed at Surly’s where the classic ice-cold shots were served along with the Jägermeister Root 56 cocktail and a slushy that tasted like summer in a glass. Comprising of Jägermeister, dry curacao, lime and ginger beer and to quote Action Bronson, upon first sip all we could think was, f*#k that’s delicious! Nils hit up Brisbane, Perth, and Melbourne with the likes of Frankie’s Pizza, The Press Club, The Court, and Black Pearl hosting events and culminating in a final epic sign off party on Monday, August 28 at Heartbreaker, where the Jäger shots flowed, tunes pumped and good times rolled in true Heartbreaker fashion. Until next time Nils, Auf Wiedersehen.

Nils Boese enjoying ice cold shots with revellers at Surly’s in Sydney. Photo: Ryan Stuart

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