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Coravin Screw Cap Launched in Asia

Coravin has announced the release of their screw cap system in the Asia market. The expertly designed storage system means restaurants, bars and consumers can now serve wine by the glass without the fear of oxidisation.

This opens up the opportunity to have premium wines by the glass on your menu without having to finish the bottle. The simple, easy-to-use design requires you to open the bottle and immediately replace the existing bottle cap with the Coravin Screw Cap. Place your Coravin Wine System over the bottle, insert the needle from the Coravin Screw Cap, then tip the bottle back and press the trigger to release pressurising argon gas.

Once finished pouring, tip the bottle backwards to stop the flow of wine and remove the needle. The silicone membrane of the screw cap will them automatically reseal, preserving the wine for up to three months.

The Coravin Screw Cap comes in two sizes and can be removed and reused up to 50 times once the bottle is emptied. Coravin Screw Caps are available for purchase in six-packs from Watson’s Wine and Enoteca Hong Kong for HK$245.