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Artisan Handcrafted to distribute Nusa Caña Rum in Australia

Indonesian rum, Nusa Caña and Artisan Handcrafted have announced a partnership to distribute their rum across Australia.

The tropical island rum founded by a group of industry veterans aims to bring back the forgotten spirit of Indonesia and pays homage to adventures they hold dear to their heart, when the group first discovered rum in the region.

Nusa Mojito Cocktail

Launching in Bali last year, Nusa Caña quickly became a call on the islands popular clubs and cocktail bars and has cemented itself in the region. The rum will be the official drink of choice for the Deus Ex Machina Slidetober events in Bali as well as the partner of the UK born Bestival next month. On Aussie shores, Nusa Caña is also the preferred house pour at Perth beach club, KU DE TA.

Co-founder Marc Rodrigues says “The team at Nusa Caña are excited to work with Artisan. Passion drives us for letting people discover an important and forgotten part of rum’s history while celebrating Indonesia’s craft and quality, as well as our love for Bali and all it offers. The team at Artisan share this passion, and working together we will be able to bring the Nusa Caña spirit to life in bars across Australia. The initial rollout of Nusa Caña will focus on the surf side suburbs of Perth, Margaret River, Manly, Bondi, and Byron, but the national reach of Artisan will mean that we are excited to work with bars and liquor stores across the whole country”.

Managing Director of Artisan Handcrafted, Georgina Wright said, “I couldn’t be happier welcoming Nusa Caña into the Artisan family. The whole team is behind this one, excited to launch this rum to the Australian marketplace.”

For more info on Nusa Caña, head to nusacana.com