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2017 Old Fashioned Week Coming this November – Has Your Venue Signed Up?

Old Fashioned week partner representatives

Over 300 bars from Australia to Alaska will celebrate Old Fashioned week this November. Each venue will be offering a menu of different Old Fashioned recipes, including classics, innovative creations and twists. So far, venues from 25 countries have signed up to take part, and venues are able to sign up right up until the end of October – so get cracking! Leading the charge with the largest number of participating venues are Spain, France, Italy, Hong Kong and the UK.

Running from November 2-11, Old Fashioned week celebrates cocktail heritage and pays homage to bartenders skills. In addition, it encourages new ways of thinking and innovation, and is being promoted by an collection of 12 Old Fashioned Week ambassadors from across the globe.

The event will run for 10 days, and has grown from the idea created by Michael Landard, of Maria Loca in Paris along with rum enthusiast Cyrille Hugon. For 2017, six renowned brands have partnered with the event; Angostura Bitters, Havana Club rum, Altos Tequila, J.M. Agricole Rhum, Monkey Shoulder whisky and Wild Turkey bourbon. Participating bars will serve Old Fashioneds from two of the partner brands, along with freely choosing other spirits in their venues.

The event opens consumers up to the world of the ever-fashionable cocktail, and showcases the skills of bartenders, including masterclasses by the partner spirits brands.

Here are some useful links: 
Keen to see what venues are participating: www.old-fashioned-week.com/en/find-a-venue/  
Old Fashioned Week Zone Ambassador: Max Traverse, based in Hong Kong maxtraverse@gmail.com
For more, head to old-fashioned-week.com