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Nils Boese Tour of Australia Kicks Off in Style

Famed German bartender and bar owner, Nils Boese, has landed down under to host a series of events and masterclasses with Jägermeister.

Nils is a legend of the German bar scene, with over 25 years experience in the industry, including 16 years in his current role as owner of the iconic Manhattan bar in Hildesheim, Germany. Over the years, Nil’s has formed a unique relationship with Jägermeister – which is fitting, given that his bar is just a hop, skip and a jump from Wolfenbüttel, home place of herbal liqueur – both unofficially in his role as bartender/bar owner and more recently as Jäger’s Global Brand Ambassador, where he has hosted events all over the world.

Nils Boese

As part of the tour, Boese is hosting a series of bartender training sessions in Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Melbourne, sharing his insight on bartending and the brand, along with trade event evenings welcoming him in style.

The tour kicked off in Sydney on August 20 with an intimate dinner and Jägermeister drinks pairing at Viking themed restaurant Mjølner.

Catch Nils for some insight and Jäger at the following events.


21/08 – Arrival party at Surly’s

22/08 – Bartender training sessions, Frankie’s Pizza


23/08 – Bartender training sessions, The Press Club

23/08 – Trade party event at The Press Club


25/08 – Bartender training sessions, The Court


28/08 – Bartender training sessions, Black Pearl

28/08 – Signing off in style at Heartbreaker

To RSVP for the events, please contact  jagermeister_nilstour@b-f.com 

Check out jagermeister.com/en for more, and stay tuned to Drinks World for the upcoming interview with Nils.