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Archie Rose White Rye Awarded World’s Best Unaged Rye Whiskey

Sydney’s Archie Rose Distilling Co. has taken out World’s Best Unaged Rye Whiskey category for their White Rye at the American Whiskey Masters, in the process being only one of two spirits to pick up a Master Medal in the Unaged Whiskey category.

Judges were impressed with the White Rye’s bright and sweet green apple character. Archie Rose is one of only three distilleries producing rye whiskey in Australia and has been laying down casks since 2014, with the aged spirit set to reach maturity in late 2018. Being awarded for their unaged rye is a testament to the distillers and a great sign of what’s to come for the Rosebery based distillery.

“This is incredible recognition for an Australian spirit competing against a plethora of American moonshines in arguably the home of unaged whiskey,” says Archie Rose founder Will Edwards. “With our aged whiskies approaching maturity, it is a great indication of the quality of new make spirit we have laid down, and a sign of what to expect from our aged whiskies.”

The Archie Rose White Rye is uniquely distilled from rare malted rye, as opposed to common unmalted rye, and is produced to be sipped neat or featured as an interesting alternative in your favourite whisky cocktails. Drinks World highly recommends trying it in a whiskey sour, which we tried on our visit down to Archie earlier this year.

White Rye Sour

“Rye is a tough grain to use and causes many challenges in production, yet the quality and charisma of the spirit it yields speaks for itself,” says Archie Rose Master Distiller, Dave Withers.

“The production process for the White Rye also draws inspiration from whiskey production in the early 20th century,” says Withers. “Using a brewer’s yeast as well as a distiller’s yeast gives us lower yield, but a more pronounced flavour. Innovation is very important for us and we often take inspiration from traditional techniques such as this but then apply modern techniques and know how to produce something quite special.”

For more information on the Archie Rose range, head to visit www.archierose.com.au