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Trading Places -From Brisbane to Jamaica with Appleton Estate

Appleton Estate Jamaican Rum thought it would be a novel idea to get two bartenders, both incidentally from two places called Kingston to swap countries and learn about not only each others culture but cocktails as well. Brisbane bartender Leah Stevens and Jamaica’s Sheldon Spencer swapped Kingston QLD for Kingston Jamaica to show what mixing perspectives and ideas can do.

Leah and Sheldon

Post-journey, the pair collaborated on a three Appleton Estate cocktails.

Appleton Estate Raw was created to celebrate the pair’s cross-cultural exchange and combines fresh lime juice with cold pressed sugarcane and the Australian native, lemon myrtle using Appleton Estate Signature Blend and Rare Blend, served over ice with fresh lemon myrtle and a spray of lemon myrtle tincture.

Appleton Estate Raw

From Jamaica With Love was created specifically by the duo for the Kingston to Kingston launch event and is a cocktail designed to embody the melting pot of Jamaica, encapsulating Jamaica’s motto “Out of many one people” and the nation’s willingness to embrace others with open arms. This delicious concoction features Appleton Estate Signature Blend, Grand Marnier, fresh lime juice, white peach and passionfruit juice with MONIN orgeat syrup. Shaken and fine strained into a coupe glass with an orange twist and cherry. A taste of the Caribbean in a glass!

The third cocktail celebrated is a riff on the classic dark rum drink, the dark n’ stormy, entitled Jamaican Stormy. This cocktail features Appleton Estate Signature Blend, ginger beer, and fresh lime juice, served over ice with mint leaves and raspberries for garnish.

Check out the video below.