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Crowds come out in droves for World Tequila Day at Tio’s


Sydney’s Tio’s Cerveceria saw the revellers come out in force for their world tequila day event on Sunday, July 30. Focusing on independent and artisanal tequilas, with a line up featuring the likes of both Valley and Highland tequilas with brands such as Tromba, Tapatio, Arette, Tequila Fortaleza, Calle 23, Siembra, Ocho and a plethora of others.

Of course, none other than Mr. Tequila himself, Global Mezcal Ambassador Phil Bayly was there to share his knowledge, as well as brand representatives such as Malcolm Gandar (Siembra – Artisan Handcrafted), Joey Tai (Tapatio –Baranows Emporium), Rob Doherty (Mextrade), James France (Vanguard Luxury Brands), Jason Pitt (Tromba) along with the Tios crew led by Alex ‘Happy’ Gilmour pouring out knowledge of the agave spirit.

Visitors were given a tasting glass on entry and able to move between stations trying the finest Blanco, Reposado and Anejo tequilas, along with a curated list of cocktails that utilised a selection of expressions being showcased at the event.

Malcolm Gandar, Brand Development Manager for Artisan Handcrafted said, “It was a great opportunity from the brands perspective to educate both the trade and consumers about the amazing category that is tequila and the different expression that it carries. It was a great opportunity for the small independent brands to have their time in the lime light and get together to showcase the agave category.  It was great to see a change in peoples perceptions of what they think tequila is.”

Tios’ Dylan Sharp

In what felt like a get together for the industry, it was difficult to move around the room without bumping into someone you knew…not that that’s a bad thing! Alex ‘Happy’ Gilmour, Venue Manager of Tios Cerveceria said, “It was by far the biggest and most successful Sunday event we have had. It was an awesome turn out by consumers and industry alike. The tequila was flowing and I think the best part was that everyone was asking questions and enjoying their tequila. People left raving about the food and a whole bunch of people were still surprised at how delicious good tequila was…I’ve been saying it for years.”

The range of Tapatio tequila

After several delicious tequilas, each with their own flavour profile and I must say, distinct smoothness across the board (gone are the lick, sip, suck days for this writer), a pit stop for some satisfying tacos and more than a few chin wags, I headed home, satisfied and more and more intrigued by the wonderful world of agave. While I’m yet to decide on which spirit category is closest to my heart, I will say that the wonderful world of agave is growing a fondness.

Many thanks to Happy and the Tios crew for organising the event and all the brands involved.

Gracias, hasta la proxima vez.