Forget the strobe lights and strident sound systems, the latest innovation of Singapore’s nightlife scene is Lulu’s Lounge – a bar to chat, relax and kick up your heels in.

Named after its fictional owner, Lulu’s is the destination for Singapore’s discerning party-goers who can expect an animated nightlife experience.

Offering bottle service, twists on the classic cocktails and bar snacks, guests can expect all the characteristics of a 1960’s New York back alley club with retro DJ performances from international names, live acoustics, entertainment and personal hospitality.

Cocktail: Big Coconuts

Joshua and Sarissa Schwartz, co-founders of SJS Group, say of the venture: “LuLu’s Lounge has been a vision of our imagination for some time, and we’ve been eagerly anticipating introducing the concept to the discerning Singapore nightlife scene. We wanted to create a lively lounge where guests can chill, chat and dance – all in the same venue.”

Sarissa and Joshua Schwartz, co-founders of SJS Group

The power couple is also behind Bang Bang and Employees Only and have become two major players in the Singapore nightlife scene since arriving in Singapore in 2011.

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Lulu’s opens Friday 28th April 2017 and door open from 9pm – 6am

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