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Sailor Jerry – A Work Of Art

Sailor Jerry Spiced is bold, complex and unique and the bottle is decorated with an iconic Sailor Jerry design and his signature

A cult American icon, Norman ‘Sailor’ Jerry was the founding father of the old-school tattoo. After beginning tattooing as a teenager, he joined the Navy at 19, an experience that exposed him to the Asian tattoo; something that would prove to have a great influence on his later work. Following his time in the Navy, Norman set up a shop in Hotel Street, Honolulu in 1942, which soon became a mecca for sailors and soldiers who were on, onshore leave and it was there in Hawaii that he would grow his legacy as Sailor Jerry.

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With the intent of keeping Collin’s legacy alive, ‘Sailor Jerry Limited’ was founded in 1999, with the company producing clothing emblazoned with the colourful artwork of Sailor Jerry, quickly building a cult following. The idea was to create something as enduring as Jerry’s own artistic legacy and the brand adopts his traditional value system whilst simultaneously supporting all creative minds, from every walk of life, all of whom feel as strongly about the nature of their work as Sailor Jerry did about his.

Sailor Jerry spent half of his life as a sailor and the other half tattooing them, so making a spiced rum in his honour was an obvious next move for the brand. Sailor Jerry Spiced was born from the old-school tradition whereby sailors spiced their high-proof rum rations. Sailor Jerry to this day believes in making rum the way it was back then, meaning that it is still distilled to 80 proof (40% ABV), spiced and smooth.

Sailor Jerry is made the old-school way resulting in a unique and bold rum. The perfect blend of Caribbean rums, Sailor Jerry’s Spiced lays down a smooth base for any drink with its complex flavours of cinnamon and nutmeg mixed with rich vanilla and a hint of toffee making the perfect addition to any cocktail.

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As Norman Collins had on his business card “My work stands for itself”, so does Sailor Jerry’s Spiced, which has scooped many awards over the years, including 2014 and 2013 Gold Winner of The Rum Masters by Spirits Business and Silver winner of the International Wine and Spirits Competition in 2012.

Just like Sailor Jerry himself, Sailor Jerry Spiced is bold, complex and unique and the bottle is decorated with an iconic Sailor Jerry design and his signature, evoking his values of independence, hard work and dedication to his artwork.

As with his artwork, Sailor Jerry Spiced is handcrafted and as such can be sipped neat or poured over ice. It can also be enjoyed in classic mixed drinks including Sailor Jerry & Cola or Sailor Jerry & Ginger.

Sailor Jerry’s artwork was revolutionary and influenced an entire generation of tattoo artists, a legacy that continues to inspire today. With Sailor Jerry’s artistic talents in mind, PATH Bar School invited 70 UAE bartenders to make a work of art inspired by “the man”.

The day began with an educational and fun Sailor Jerry masterclass, held by PATH Bar School’s very own Richard Cohen. Bartenders were treated to a history of the man himself and were told all about the founding of the brand, before being invited to sample some rums and rum cocktails. As mixologists, the day enabled the bartenders to learn about creating an experience as well as a great drink. Sailor Jerry’s unique flavour profile, strength and interesting history make it the perfect spirit for a cocktail experience.

The second half of the day saw the bartenders introduced to world famous graffiti artist Ramy Elzaghawy, who provided a spray paint masterclass, teaching the bartenders how
to spray paint Sailor Jerry’s colourful and iconic eagles, skull and crossbones and
anchor designs.

Bartenders were then split into groups of 10 by Ramy, with each group choosing a Sailor Jerry design to spray paint, and off they went! Each group, assisted by Ramy, created a colourful piece of art using stencilled designs and lots of cans of spray paint! Akin Barbershop pop-up also stopped by to give the bartenders a trim or shave… all whilst enjoying a few tipples of Sailor Jerry along the way, of course!

Ramy said of the day: “When I was asked to facilitate the creation of a mural with the bartenders of PATH Bar School, I knew it was going to be an amazing experience. I intuitively understood that their talented hands could take on the skills I wanted to teach in such a way that a beautiful piece of art was inevitable.

The bartenders had such a great sense of line and colour. Their aesthetic tastes, strength in presentation and the way they already connect to the beauty around them in the world meant that the finished piece was really incredible.

It was great to work with so many different personalities and strengths to create something beautiful together.”

After all the fun, the amazing bartenders handiwork was then toured around during a road show and was displayed at outdoor events including JW Marriott and Aqua. Let the guys at PATH know if you would like your work of art in your bar.