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Cocotte Crew Opens NEO

The team behind Cocotte— French brothers Johnathon and Brice Moldovan— have added a second venue to their venture: artisanal cocktail club NEO.

Touted as Cocotte’s ‘naughty little sister’, NEO neighbours the brasserie-inspired restaurant in Hong Kong’s NoHo and looks to provide a pre-clubbing destination for area public.

Behind the bar, an artisanal menu highlights individually sourced independent liquors— which the founding pair hopes will allow staff to “create unique tastes and allow for creativity behind the bar”.

With vintage arcade games, a stylised “throwback” interior and a kitted space for guest DJ’s, Candace Campos of ID Design, the mastermind behind Cocotte’s elegant interior, has designed NEO as a space for retro eloquence; eighties party rock and geometric lines.

Expect liquors such as Pineapple Infused Jamaican Overproof Rum, Ginger Honey Water Mescal and Homemade Cider Vinegar Syrup Bitters and a “kidult” vibe like the House-Smoked Yoghurt Sour (HKD100), an unusual mix of pisco acholado, smoked yoghurt, citrus sugar, bitters and fresh egg white.

Bar bites will also accompany the list (starting at HKD45), were guests can enjoy a range of fun and original Tartines, open sandwiches on freshly baked bread, or a selection of NEO’s Brochettes.

Loyal to the location, the naughty little sister’s cheeky lighting culture pays homage to Hong Kong’s heritage of neon lights, celebrating life in colour and style.

Cocotte, Noho’s fondly regarded Parisian Bistro, was opened last year by the Moldovan brother trio. “Seeing how happy guests are to step off the high-street and dine by the Shin Hing steps, where we have a chilled pace and party vibe, we thought it was the perfect venue for a cocktail club concept. Our customers like the off-the-beaten-track location,” said Brice Moldovan, Managing Director of Cocotte and NEO.

“Candace has created an unusual underground space that will accommodate seriously good parties. The interiors set off the vibe and facilitate dancing, sipping, snacking and socialising.”

NEO softly launches June 25 for more information visit www.facebook.com/NEOCocktailClub

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