To present a full picture of Italy’s complex, diversified food culture to Hong Kong diners, it is a tradition of Sabatini Ristorante Italiano to collaborate with illustrious chefs from all around the country.

The spotlight will be on the Northwestern region of Liguria this year, as Paolo and Barbara Masieri, the chefs from their namesake Michelin-starred restaurant, will visit The Royal Garden from June 18 to July 2, tempting patrons with vibrant summer offerings.

Situated in Sanremo on the west of Liguria, Paolo e Barbara started off as a venture run by the family of surveyor-turned-chef Paolo. In 1987, he took up ownership of the joint with his wife Barbara, also sommelier and pastry chef, and its fate was changed ever since. It earned the first Michelin star in 1990 when Paolo was just 25. Not only does it still hold the honor to date, he was featured in documentary film Cuoco Contadino (2004) and became the muse for the protagonist in the critically acclaimed film I Am Love (2009) starring Tilda Swinton. Such exposure led him and the restaurant to stardom and even higher popularity.

Liguria is hemmed with a long, winding coastline, which endows it with myriad fresh catches from the ocean. This goes hand in hand with Paolo’s culinary philosophy to use the best local ingredients to reinvent traditional regional recipes. His dedication is evident through regular contact with fishermen and founding his own farm to supply for the restaurant. Combining that with his prowess and experience in the kitchen, there is little wonder he is hailed as the master of modern Ligurian cuisine.

The award-decorated chef couple will showcase favorite delicacies from their hometown, including poached egg with scampi, sea urchin emulsion on zucchini puree and deep-fried leekBucatini Amatriciana with pork cheek, red prawn, onion and ‎Islay whisky and wagyu beef tenderloin with Maggengo hay, bell pepper confit, mashed potato and bone marrow. Their signature dishes will be further highlighted in a seven-course tasting menu. Priced at $1,380 each person*, guests will rejoice in exquisite seafood delicacies like pan seared sea bass fillet with mixed seafood and its reduced broth. Also celebrated are produce found on land in creations like seared duck liver escalope with quince compote, baked red onion and shaved black truffle. While gorging on the savory sensations, remember to save appetite for Barbara’s graceful confection saffron ice cream, honey and caramelized almond to sum up the grand gastronomic tour.

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