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12 Bars You Can’t Miss During Bangkok Rum Cocktail Week 2018

Backstage Bar, Bangkok Rum Cocktail Week 2017

Bangkok Rum Cocktail Week is fast approaching, and the top 25 bars that will be joining in the weeklong celebrations have finally been announced!

To get you hyped, here is a quick snapshot of the first 12 bars that have signed up to be a part of Southeast Asia’s biggest festival of rum!

ABar at Marriott Marquis

Located up on the 37th floor of the Bangkok Marriot Marquis Queen’s Bar, this sophisticated cocktail bar offers stunning views of the Thai capital. The dark wood fixtures, wingback chairs and leather-bound books creates a brooding atmosphere that both evokes the style of classic American hotel bars and the class of Victorian England. Guests can relax to the sounds of smooth jazz with a bespoke cocktail in hand, either indoors or out on the semi al-fresco terrace.

Asia Today

The little sister of Teens of Thailand, this small bar tucked away in the depths of Chinatown focuses on showing off the versatility of rare local ingredients. As a result, the menu is constantly changing to keep up with owner Niks Anuman-Rajadhon’s latest discoveries. The narrow space and quirky décor (including a massive hanging shark) gives this bar an odd sense of whimsy. Definitely where all the cool kids hang out.


This luxurious cocktail bar is one for the serious drinker. Both the décor and drinks menu are inspired by the diverse styles of modern art, with bar manager Supawit ‘Palm’ Muttarattana drawing on his knowledge of art history to create cocktails inspired by the likes of George Seurat, Edvard Munch and Jackson Pollock. The glossy marble top bar, low lighting, mirrors and heavy curtains are a nod to the late night lounges of America in the 1950s, the types of places Pollock himself would have been frequenting.


This casual restaurant and bar is inspired by the food of America’s modern day sprawling cities, serving up cocktails, tapas, share plates and large dishes inspired by southern comfort food, New York classics and Mexican favourites. Fresh, quality ingredients are sourced from across Thailand and abroad to create the seasonal cocktail and food menus.


Duck down a tiny, hidden alleyway and you’ll find this very quirky little addition to the Bangkok bar scene. This bar takes the term ‘small bar’ to the next level, with just 10 leather backed bar stools lining the bar. The tight space is modeled off a classic American railway dining carriage, meaning you’re up close and personal with the bartender at all times. This makes for a wonderfully personalised experience, as the bartenders here specialise in creating custom drinks. You’re sure to learn a thing or two about your favourite tipple along the way.

Eat Me

Eat Me is one of the originals of the Bangkok dining scene. The ground floor of this three-story venue houses a bar and an idyllic bamboo covered courtyard where guests are invited to relax amongst the greenery with a cocktail, craft beer or glass of wine in hand. Both the food and drinks are inspired by international cuisine, with the bar and restaurant’s owner from Australia and Head Chef from the USA. Tasty, balanced dishes bursting with natural flavours have become the staple of the restaurant due to its focus on using sustainably sourced, top quality ingredients.

Rabbit Hole

Step through the wooden Ainu Japanese bar and Ramen Ajisai in Thonglor, and you’ll enter the whimsical world of Alice in Wonderland. The first thing that’s sure to take your eye in this three-story, speakeasy style bar is the incredible rose gold back bar, that stretches to the ceiling. There is plenty of space to nestle in for the night, with the first floor home to a few high tables and bar stools before the upper floors reveal plush blue lounges and quiet corners big enough to hold larger groups. As expected, many of the cocktails on well-known bartenders Suwincha ‘Chacha’ Singsuwan and Naphat ‘Yod’ Natchachon’s menu have a not-so-subtle Lewis Carroll theme.


This Broadway baby is a favourite of locals and tourists alike. Located in the lobby of the theatre-themed Playhouse Boutique Hotel, this bar is set up like your classic theatre dressing room complete with backlit mirrors, heavy red curtains and plush velvet sofas. The cocktail menu includes 12 signature classic cocktails with a twist, as well as a drink of the day offering, which you’ll find, written up on the backstage mirrors behind the bar.

Penthouse Bar & Grill

The six venues that make up this hotel bar and restaurant complex unfurl over three-tiers that wrap around a central staircase, and includes a cocktail bar and a whiskey focused speakeasy. Think wood everything, with marble and leather fixtures. There is definite racing motif throughout, with vintage racing paraphernalia across the six venues, even including a light made from repurposed motorcycle parts. Head here if you’re a fan of the clean-cut cocktail classics, as that is the signature style.

Revolucion Cocktail

This Latin themed bar was the brainchild of three French guys who were inspired by a trip to Havana Cuba. They opened their first ‘Revolucion’ in Shanghai’s former French Concession in 2012, and have since opened venues in Guangzhou, Xiamen, Chengdu and Bangkok. Bursting with colour, this bar is focused on authentically delivering the classics along with their few signature cocktails.

Vogue Lounge

This 1920s themed lounge includes both indoor seating and a sprawling outdoor terrace. Inside, you’ll find lush, plum coloured leather seating, bronze bar stools and marble as far as the eye can see, while outdoors there is a chic black and white theme. On the drinks front, Vogue Lounge serves up an array of delicate, fruity cocktails that perfectly match the small, delicious bites on offer.

The Bamboo Bar at the Mandarin Oriental

Bangkok’s oldest jazz institution, this lively hotel bar holds a special spot in the hearts of locals. Quirky kitsch fixtures like wicker chairs and tiger-print upholstery are balanced out with chic lacquered wood finishings and a stunning mirrored ceiling. Here you’ll find a drinks menu of classic, bespoke and even barrel-aged cocktails. They’re clearly doing something right, as the bar was ranked No. 9 in this year’s Asia’s 50 Best Bars list.

Stay tuned for the announcement of the next thirteen bars involved!